Breast Cancer Biology




School: Stanford University

Lecture Title: Breast Cancer Biology

Lecture Summary:
Mark Pegram, MD, gives an update on the development of new therapeutics and the role of clinical trials in improving the quality and quantity of life for patients. Kimberly Allison, MD, tells of her journey from physician to patient and the importance of understanding the biology of breast cancer.
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5 thoughts on “Breast Cancer Biology”
Marie Richardson

March 16, 2015

Kent should be browsing a different site. Troll!! I think we as a society are doing everything we can to take this thing head on. We have an entire month dedicated to breast cancer awareness. Thank you NFL for making everything pink!

Coral Spelts

March 20, 2015

My sister had breast cancer. It is important we all become aware.

Nicole Vitkovich

March 28, 2015

Im happy that we still have people pushing to educate everyone about breast cancer and ways to figure out ways to cure it. i had an aunt die from this horrible disease and i hope no one else will suffer from it. stupid cancer!

kent hausauer

January 29, 2016

I think all men should have to watch videos on breasts. It can be educational in so many ways.


March 8, 2016

My mom is a survivor and Im scared I will end up with it at some point. This video really shows what it can be like to go thru such a tough fight.


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