College Algebra




School: University of Missouri Kansas City
Lecture Title: College Algebra
Lecture Summary:
College Algebra with Professor Richard Delaware – UMKC VSI – Lecture 1 – Numbers. This lecture discusses about set of objects,Natural numbers,Real numbers and how to find distance between two points.

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4 thoughts on “College Algebra”
Kerrieca Robbins

February 20, 2015

^^^YES. Also found the video educational as it was designed to be.

Kena Jensen

February 28, 2015

i was always horrible at algebra but this made things seem simpler.

Kerrieca Robbins

March 2, 2015

I actually found this video very useful and had no thought to connect it to Obamacare.

William L Daniels

March 2, 2015

if anyone ever ask why do we still learn algebra i suggest you look into obamacare. you need to know it just to figure out that you are going to get screwed in the end. if you take A+B=too much money. thanks NObama!


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