Introduction to Copyright Law

Copyright is a legal right created by the law of a country that grants the creator of an original work exclusive rights for its use and distribution. READ MORE

Firearms, Mental Illness and the Law

Jeffrey Swanson, professor in psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Duke University School of Medicine, delivers the 16th annual P. Browning Hoffman Memorial Lecture, with an introduction by UVA Law professor Richard Bonnie. READ MORE

Evidence at Trial

Cordell & Cordell attorney Brad Cunningham presents “The Art of Interruption: Using and Objecting to Evidence at Trial” during the firm’s 13th Annual Domestic Litigation forum, a continuing legal education event. READ MORE

Objection- Assumes a Fact Not in Evidence

Whether you are an advanced law student looking to review the basics, or an aspiring law student looking for head start, this course will help you build the foundation you will need to succeed in law school and beyond. READ MORE

Enforcing Monetary Judgments

This course will introduce you to terminology, concepts, and tools lawyers and legal academics use to make their arguments. It will help you follow these arguments—and make arguments of your own. READ MORE

Criminal Trial Procedure

Dr David Lowe delivers another lively criminal law lecture, covering defense of necessity, duress per minus and duress of circumstances. READ MORE

Crime and the Law

In this lecture Professor Wrightson examines the problem of order in early modern society, focusing on crimes of violence and upon property. READ MORE

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