Introduction to Computer Science and Programming




School: MIT
Lecture Title: Introduction to Computer Science and Programming
Lecture Summary:
This subject is aimed at students with little or no programming experience. It aims to provide students with an understanding of the role computation can play in solving problems. It also aims to help students, regardless of their major, to feel justifiably confident of their ability to write small programs that allow them to accomplish useful goals. The class will use the Python™ programming language.

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5 thoughts on “Introduction to Computer Science and Programming”

April 29, 2015

I’m glad to have stumbled onto this site. I was considering a CIS major and this course helped me discover that it might be a bit outside my wheelhouse.

terri hardy

April 29, 2015

I thought computer science was a little different until I watched this video.


May 1, 2015

Funny I had the opposite experience. It seemed pallatable for me.

Monica Gibbs

May 9, 2015

All schools should use these videos, like promo videos for high school kids. So they can get a better idea what professions are out there.


March 8, 2016

Trying to decide if I want to do programming. I think Im gonna give it a shot


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