Global Burden of Disease

Professor Eran Bendavid reviews the major trends and findings of the recent global burden of disease study. READ MORE

Humanitarianism in Crisis

A sketch of the history of modern humanitarianism, from its
origins in the 1968 famine in Biafra through its “decade of reckoning” in
the 1990s, when controversial humanitarian interventions in Somalia,
Bosnia, Rwanda, and Kosovo sparked a debate about the interface of
politics, war, and “engaged humanitarianism.” READ MORE

Infectious Disease

Eric Weiss, MD, FACEP, describes how influenza, measles, and pandemics as well as emerging infectious diseases such as Ebola have become a national concern. Learn about promising new discoveries and how you and your family can reduce your risk of disease and benefit from Stanford’s Level 1 Trauma Center capabilities. READ MORE

Breast Cancer Biology

Mark Pegram, MD, gives an update on the development of new therapeutics and the role of clinical trials in improving the quality and quantity of life for patients. Kimberly Allison, MD, tells of her journey from physician to patient and the importance of understanding the biology of breast cancer. READ MORE

Heart Disease Prevention

David Maron, MD, Stanford’s director of preventive cardiology, will share some of the most recent discoveries from Stanford, along with lifestyle tips and the latest methods for cardiovascular risk evaluation. READ MORE

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