Molecular Biology




School: MIT
Lecture Title: Fundamentals of Biology
Lecture Summary:
Professor Eric Lander descirbes molecular biology as it concerns the molecular basis of biological activity between the various systems of a cell, including the interactions between DNA, RNA and proteins and their biosynthesis, as well as the regulation of these interactions

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5 thoughts on “Molecular Biology”

May 6, 2015

No I know why MIT students are so darn smart! This is hard stuff and its just the intro course!

Justin Wilson

May 10, 2015

WOW. I clicked on this video to check it out briefly. I finished the whole thing. Interesting stuff there.


June 13, 2015

Ugghhhh Science!

Corey Lanterman

January 29, 2016

Yep. Still too much for me to understand.


March 8, 2016

This is an intro course?? Im not sure this is the right career path for me.


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