Multivariable Calculus



School: UCBerkeley

Lecture Title: Multivariable Calculus

Lecture Summary:
Instructor Edward Frenkel explains Multivariable calculus (also known as multivariate calculus) is the extension of calculus in one variable to calculus in more than one variable: the differentiation and integration of functions involving multiple variables, rather than just one.
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3 thoughts on “Multivariable Calculus”
Mark Dunn

December 6, 2015

This was very helpful for me to prepare myself for more advanced classes

claudia klein

December 16, 2015

oh i just had some flash backs from high school. im actually glad that i dont have to deal with that class again.


March 8, 2016

I took Calculus 1 when I was younger, then years later tried to complete Cal2 and was so lost. This is hard stuff.


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